What's New

Another Great Match!

Neal Clemenson, MD

New Year, Mid-Year

Terrence Truong, MD
After the blur of a whirlwind of a holiday schedule, GPFM physicians and staff alike reconnect with one another as we resume our work during this first full week of the new year.


Neal Clemenson
I can't believe we're heading into recruiting season again (or how many of these I've gone through)!

2013 Fall Resident Retreat

Kelly Roberts
What happens when 13 of our 15 residents drive 1.5 hours away from the clinic? This...

All Things New: Exit Interview with Serena Anderson, M.D.

Kelly Roberts
The final interview of our graduated "third year group," Serena shares information about all the changes she's encountering these past few months...and she WILL be experiencing soon!

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